Hurricane Season starts June 1st.

Prepare now for the unexpected; B & L can help you prepare for the storm by:hur3

  • Installing storm shutters or panels
  • Reinforcing your existing screen enclosure
  • Reinforcing your garage door
  • Reinforcing the interior of your home

Most importantly, GET A PLAN!

Review your insurance policy; look for your replacement policy
Take pictures or video of everything you own
Compose a list of possessions with year bought and amount paid
Establish an out of town contact for family & friends to call
Decide where the best place is to spend a future hurricane
Pre-arrange for your pet a kennel or other safe shelter/ have an ID tag2007hurricane_500[1]
Prepare a financial survival kit- Use zip lock bags and a water/fire proof container
Cash -small bills
Inventory of personal property
Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Death Certificate
Passports, Visas, etc…
Current insurance policies
Recent credit card statements
Investment/ Savings statements
Will/ Living trust Documents
Back up computer data

Prepare a survival box- some suggestions are:

Self heater meals
Paper towels
Fix a flat
Duct tape
Whistle with a string for children
First aid kit
Bug spray
Walkie talkies
Cordless fan
Body wipes

Chewing gum relieves the pressure in your ears during a storm.hur1

The Special Needs Shelters require pre-registration (954-537-2828)
If you register you do not have to go; if you do not register they will not let you in.

Infants: Make sure to stock up on baby food, formula, diapers, heavy duty plastic bags, bottles, wipes, medication as well as diaper ointment

Elderly: List medications, including dosages & allergies. Prepare a list of doctors and emergency contacts, have copies of medical insurance & medical cards, have extra eyeglasses, hearing aid batteries ect., label aids:
wheel chairs, canes, walkers.

Hurricane History


Great Miami Hurricane Sept. 18-21, 1926
150 MPH wind

*Great Okeechobee Flood Sept. 17-18, 1928
Killed 2,500 in Florida

*Labor Day Hurricane Sept. 2-4, 1935
Killed over 400
Went from tropical storm to CAT 5 in 36 hours

*Ox Cart Hurricane Oct. 11-12, 1947
6 inches of rain was reported in 75 min.
Boats were traveling up and down Dixie Hwy

*Hurricane King Oct. 17-18, 1950
Hit just south of Miami Beach through Broward County and continues through Orlando into Ga.

*Hurricane Donna Sept. 9-11, 1960
CAT 4 widely regarded as the most destructive hurricane in Florida history

*Hurricane Cleo Aug 27-29, 1964
First use of satellite
Bahia Mar Marina recorded winds of 138 MPH


*Hurricane Andrew Aug 24, 1992
Reclassified to a CAT 5
44 Billion in damage
175,000 left homeless

*Hurricane Charley Aug. 8, 2004
CAT 4; 15 billion in damage in 7 hours

*Hurricane Frances Sept. 5-6, 2004
CAT 2; 8.9 billion in damage

*Hurricane Ivan Sept. 16, 2004
CAT 4; 14.2 billion in damage

*Hurricane Jeanne Sept. 25-27, 2004
CAT 3 (20% of homes were damaged or destroyed in 2004)

*Hurricane Dennis July. 10, 2005
CAT 4 most intense hurricane before August on record

*Hurricane Katrina Aug. 25-29, 2005
CAT 3 to CAT 5; 81+ Billion in damage 3rd
most deadly US hurricane since 1900
1.3 million without power in South Florida

*Hurricane Wilma Oct. 25, 2005
Exploded from a tropical storm to a CAT 5 within 24 hrs.
Created most widespread power outage in Florida history
12.2 billion in damage