There are many great features and benefits of acrylic rooms. They are significantly less expensive than concrete additions. They keep dirt and rain out of your patio. You can add a temperature controlled fully furnished living space to your home without adding any taxable square feet.

An acrylic room can turn from a sunroom to an open air screen room in just minutes by sliding the lightweight window fixtures side to side with leaving the screen in place. The acrylic fixtures are durable and will not crack in extreme cold nor will they warp or fade in extreme heat. They come in powder coated baked bronze or white color.

Heavy duty security cam locks are standard on all fixture installations so they are safe. If you do not want a full acrylic room addition and just want the windows you still will have the benefit of saving money year round because these windows are 4 times better at insulating than normal non impact glass panes and you will save on your energy expense.

It is important to note that Acrylic windows are not hurricane proof but they are easily removable for hurricane preparedness.

Check out below some samples (click to enlarge):