B & L installs PGT Wingaurd and ES high impact windows and doors as well as other high rated impact resistant brands. We will install any particular brand per your request. They come with aluminum or vinyl frames and can be custom made to fit your specifications without compromising your homes architectural design.

They do more than add beauty to your home. They also add style, safety, security and peace of mind. They’re energy star compliant. Heat reducing glass tints and hi-performance low-E selections reduce energy bills and protect furnishings, draperies and artwork from fading.

The window and door ratings conform to the most stringent testing and certification requirements in the industry, including international building codes, Miami Dade Protocols, AAMA and ASTM

You can also turn your existing back patio into a habitable living area by closing it off with different configurations of impact windows and doors to meet your needs

Check out below some samples (click to enlarge):